Age Limits Groups
A,B.C,F,J & K: Minimum age limit of 20 years Groups
D & E: Minimum age limit of 23 years
All other groups: Minimum age limit of 25 years

If you are not within our age requirements it is possible to arrange your own insurance cover providing it is a fully comprehensive policy. This must be arranged prior to your arrival in Jersey. Please contact the Jersey office direct for more details.

Drivers Licence
Renters and additional drivers must have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 12 months.

UK residents must provide a UK licence - an international licence is not acceptable. It is a legal requirement for any non-UK citizen to obtain a UK licence if they are driving in the UK for a period exceeding three months.

New two part UK licences - Customers must present both parts of the new two part UK drivers licence at time of rental. (old style UK licence still accepted).

If just the photo ID part of the driving licence is shown then Europcar reserve the right to charge £5.00 to contact the DVLA to ensure that the customer is entitled to drive. This service is subject to DVLA opening hours.

An international driving licence is required if the renter or additional driver's licence is of non-roman alphabet (e.g. Japanese).

A credit card from a major credit card company will be required for security when renting a car and will need to be in the name of the principal driver.

Additional Driver
If others plan to drive the car, they must be present at time of rental to be added to the rental agreement, subject to presenting a full driver's licence that has been held for at least one year. There will be a charge of £3.00 per day to cover each additional driver for the duration of the rental.


When you book a Europcar rental car in Jersey or Guernsey the price you are quoted includes, by law, the basic insurance needed should you be involved in an accident. This includes legal liability, third party and public liability insurance. On collection of the car there is a compulsory charge of £10 per day for Collision Damage Waiver(CDI). This CDI includes an excess which varies depending on the group of vehicle. You can check which insurances are included in your rental price at the time of booking or when you reach the rental location. For details on excesses and insurances, please see below.

Excess Explained
In the event of an accident a sum of money (an excess) will be paid by the renter. The insurances which are not automatically included in your Europcar car hire (see optional insurances) will waive the amount of the excess. These can be purchased locally at the rental station when you collect your car.

Collision Damage Waiver If the rental car is damaged this will cover the cost of the excess which applies.

Groups A, B3 & B5 are subject to an excess of £600.00. You may waive this by paying the Collision Damage Waiver @ £6.00 per day.

Groups C & E are subject to an excess of £800.00. You may waive this by paying the Collision Damage Waiver @ £8.00 per day.

Groups H  & V are subject to an excess of £1,000.00. You may waive this by paying the Collision Damage Waiver @ £10.00 per day.

Local Government taxes, duties and fees
VRD. Vehicle Registration Duty (£4.00 per rental plus £1.00 per day) is included in all rates.

GST. (Goods and Service Tax). All hires are inclusive of the GST at 5%.

Additional Equipment e.g. Baby seats and booster seats are available on request at extra cost. Please enquire at the time of booking.

All Europcar cars in Jersey & Guernsey are supplied with approximately half a tank of fuel. The fuel is charged at local island rates and charges vary according to the type of vehicle and the length of rental. Pre-pay options are available at the time of rental. No refund is given given at the end of rental for un-used fuel.

Parking/Traffic offences
The renter must pay the appropriate authority all fines and court costs for parking and traffic offences (including clamping). If not, the renter will be liable for a reasonable administration charge when Europcar has to deal with these offences.